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Experience Jomon Life

Experience Jomon Life

Satoyama is a Japanese word for the liminal area between the uninhabitable mountains and arable flat land. This was the core are of Jomon life. At Goshono Jomon Site, you can try out activities from life in the Jomon satoyama.

里山づくり 里山づくり 里山づくり
Roof Beating Fire Starting 1 Fire Starting 2
里山づくり 里山づくり 里山づくり
Acorn Gathering 1 Acorn Gathering 2 Acorn Gathering 3
里山づくり 里山づくり 里山づくり
Acorn Gathering 4 Soybeans of Central Village Soybeans of Western Village

Fire starting and other experiences are intended to provide a taste of Jomon life in harmony with nature.


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